College Of Lactation Consultants Victoria

Notice of Closure of CLC-VIC



  • To protect, encourage and promote breastfeeding
  • To support and encourage Lactation Consultants
  • To foster lactation education for health professionals

Formation and General Information

During 1995, it became evident that there was a need in the state of Victoria for a new organisation which would offer mutual support, an avenue for effective networking and opportunities for continuing education to both established and recently qualified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). The aim of providing these three services became the starting point for the formation of the College of Lactation Consultants Victoria Inc (CLC-VIC). On recognising the professional interest of non-IBCLCs to improve their breastfeeding knowledge, the College decided to offer an associate membership to health professionals (without IBCLC qualifications).

The College of Lactation Consultants Victoria held its inaugural meeting on 7th September 1995 with five members who formulated a Committee of Management and Rules. They then applied for incorporation status in the State of Victoria, according to the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The College received certification of incorporation on 25th September 1995 and made contact with other key groups in Australia, offering friendship and co-operation. These key groups eventually formed the Network of Australian Lactation Colleges, of which CLC-VIC was a founding member. By the first Annual General Meeting in November 1996, CLC-VIC had grown to 26 members and four CLC-VIC Link Groups were well established. The College membership continues to grow. CLC-VIC constantly strives to meet the need for education and support of all people interested in breastfeeding. CLC-VIC has a number of members who are full members of ILCA and supports the vision, mission, purpose and bylaws of ILCA.


The Committee of Management meetings are held every 6-7 weeks, and all members are welcome to attend. The Annual General Meeting is followed by dinner, at a centrally located café. This provides a pleasant opportunity for members to meet and talk together.

Sponsorship of ABA ’s Mary Paton Research Award

The Mary Paton Research Award for the best original paper on breastfeeding is presented by the Australian Breastfeeding Association to stimulate Australian research into breastfeeding. CLC-VIC has sponsored this valuable award since 2002 and has an ongoing commitment to remain a sponsor of the award.