For any product or service that comes in many brands, you have to choose the one that is tailor-made for your specific needs. Even if it does not meet your exact needs, it has to be close. The stakes are higher when you are considering going for a surgical procedure. You need to have all the facts right and be sure of what exactly you are seeking to achieve through the procedure. Abdominoplasty, a procedure that is done to eliminate excess fat and skin around your abdomen, is also done to achieve different results.

After Weight Loss

The body has coping mechanisms that help it to survive any condition that it finds itself in. For example, when there is weight gain, the body usually starts depositing the extra fats in areas where fat is needed. Additional fat will then be deposited where they are not normally needed such as the abdomen. When this happens, the skin around this area will stretch to create space for the fat to be deposited.

When you experience weight loss, the effects of weight gain may be reversed to a certain degree. But there will be excessive skin that may be left hanging and some fat too. A complete abdominoplasty will correct this condition. It will call for an incision to be made from one hip bone to the other. Your belly button will also need to be moved because the skin had been stretched to a large extent. The same procedure can also be used after pregnancy if your muscles are damaged through splitting.

To Remove Lower Abdominal Skin

There are instances where the skin below your belly button is just loose, either because of weight loss, genetics or some other reason. In such a situation, the belly button will not need to be moved. Therefore the best procedure to correct this case is the mini abdominoplasty.

To Look Good In Bikinis

If you love the beach and are always looking forward to hot weather which allows you to show off your curves but your pouch makes you feel self-conscious, then you can worry no more. A bikini tuck is just what you need. You do not have to worry about the scarring because the procedure is done with the bikini line predetermined. The incision will then be made below this line so that it is not visible. That way, you do not have to create another problem in the process of solving one- visible scars.

To Tighten The Skin

In the event that you just need to tighten your skin, you may not need to go through an abdominoplasty. There are other non-surgical procedures that can help to remove the fat through a laser-assisted technique.

Another non-surgical method that is used to tighten skin also makes use of heat generated by infrared waves or other heat emitting frequencies. The heat is used to eliminate the looseness in skin to a certain degree. Although this method may not yield the desired results which are seen with the other surgical abdominoplasty procedures, it can work for patients who want a non-invasive solution. However, you will need to repeat the process in order to realize the results that you want. Now you can choose right!